Formulated with premium fragrance oils and holding 200ml of your favourite fragrance, our diffusers will gently release its scent to revitalise your home and liven up your mood.


Proudly made in Melbourne Australia, this premium fragrance blend will effortlessly and safely radiate from the natural fibre reeds transforming your home into your very own scented sanctuary.


Aroma Luxe Australia Reed Diffusers last from 6 months to a year depending on air conditions.

Reed Diffuser

  • All Aroma Luxe Australia candles are free from herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified soy and plastics.
    Our wicks are made of pure cotton, and our fragrance oils are phthatate and nitro-musk free, ensuring a clean burning candle free of pollutants, toxins and carcinogens.
    Every Aroma Luxe Australia candle is also eco-friendly, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.


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