New to Aroma Luxe Australia, the candle wick trimmer perfectly trims your wicks to ensure a clean burning candle and help prevent soot from forming on the glass. This will also prevent the wicks from becoming too long and 'mushrooming'.

There's nothing more unsightly than an unkept candle, which is why we trim our wicks!

Before lighing your candle, simply trim your wick.

To clean the trimmers, wash in warm soapy water and dry well.

Wick Trimmer

  • All Aroma Luxe Australia candles are free from herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified soy and plastics.
    Our wicks are made of pure cotton, and our fragrance oils are phthatate and nitro-musk free, ensuring a clean burning candle free of pollutants, toxins and carcinogens.
    Every Aroma Luxe Australia candle is also eco-friendly, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.

  • Weights & Dimensions
    Overall: 3.5cm H  x 16cm L
    Overall Product Weight: 40g

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